We are always looking for talented new people to join our team!

Maya Rigger

Can generate a creative and stable rigging pipeline.

Experience in Maya rigging for characters, creatures, vehicles and props.

Good communication skills and excellent organizational skills.

3D maya Animator

Produce the motion, gesture and expression on Maya software.

Work closely with the animation lead and supervisor to produce high quality animation.

Work closely with the rigger providing suggestions and feedbacks to improve character setup.

Maya 3D Generalist

Good working knowledge in Maya.

Creative, resourceful and highly organized.

Can model, set layouts, light a scene and render with Arnold.

Team player with strong communication skills.

2D effects ANIMATOR

Produce fire, smoke, water and wind effects for a cartoon TV series.

Highly creative individual with good 2D motion knowledges and skills.

Strong communication skills to work closely with 3D animators and the animation lead.

Compositing Artist

Good working knowledge of and production experience in compositing.

A strong eye for detail, composition, color and lighting.

Excellent organization and communication skills.

Good understanding of the techniques and technologies relating to FX simulation.

Experience for producing effects such as smoke, fire, clouds, water, steam and explosions.

Experience with simulation techniques for rigid-bodies using Maya.

VFX Artist

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